Business Development Credit

Loans granted under the individual credit methodology, for the Small and Medium Business segment, well capitalized and operating in the urban and rural sector, customers are engaged in commercial activities, service and small industry with application of certain technology. The guarantee of these credits is mortgage. The destination of the loan is to cover working capital needs such as: inventories, supplies, raw materials, labor and other destinations to execute their operations.

You can finance fixed asset needs such as: machinery, equipment and other durable goods, to increase the productive capacity. The amounts to be granted are greater than US $ 20,000.00 dollars or an amount that exceeds 10 times the GDP per capita published by the regulator CONAMI. These credits are granted based on the customer’s payment capacity, the terms go from 12 months up to 36 months, the frequency of payment is monthly, being able to pay weekly or biweekly.

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