Microcredit for Agricultural Activities

Microcredits granted under the individual credit methodology, intended for small and medium-sized technified or non-technified producers in the agricultural sector: basic grains, coffee, vegetables, non-traditional products, among others. The guarantee of these credits can be mortgage, security interest, assignment of rights, plus fiduciary guarantee. The amounts to be granted range from C $ 1,000.00 córdobas to ten times the GDP per capita published by CONAMI, with terms in line with the productive cycle.

The destination will be to cover working capital needs such as: inputs, raw materials, labor and other necessary to execute their operations. It will be possible to finance fixed asset needs such as: machinery, equipment, and other durable goods, to increase or improve the productive capacity. These credits are granted based on the customer’s ability to pay. The frequency of payment can be monthly, semi-annually or annually.

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